Security Patrol Services

Marked, Unmarked, Uniformed, Plain Clothes Patrol Services in the Worcester, MA area.

Industry Solutions

Construction Sites are a Treasure Site for Thieves, there is copper, equipment, and more at a site that someone can take if there is no security present.  Not to mention safety, if someone gets hurt on your site, you are liable, so having a security guard on site can prevent that from happening.

We provide Access Control / Concierge Services for Residential Communities.  Your tenants will feel safe having a uniformed security guard in your lobby.

These patrols come complete with the same licensed officers, but give the client – and potential intruders – an added “surprise element” to criminal activity.

Our marked patrols monitor your property, watching and protecting against many kinds of nuisances including illegally-parked vehicles, speeding vehicles, and other disturbances.

We offer concierge services or roaming patrols at Apartment Complexes, Condominiums.  We can make sure your buildings are safe.

Our highly trained guards will help to keep your parking lots safe and make sure that everyones parking permit is up to date and if they are not, a ticket can be issued.


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Mobile Patrol Services

One of the foundations of our security guard patrol services comes by way of our armed or unarmed uniformed or plainclothes security guards, all of whom are among the most highly-trained, well qualified and professional officers available in the Worcester, Massachusetts area today. Every officer on our team is put through an extensive training process, which guarantees that they will be ready for just about anything and that they can provide an extraordinary level of service you demand.

We provide a hands-on approach in the recruiting, hiring, and training of all the officers we hire. We help to make sure that they’re not only familiar with the industry they are protecting but the best practices as well. We make sure that they are a perfect fit for the specific ins and outs of the environment that you are trying to protect.

We pride ourselves on the hands-on approach that we take in the recruiting, hiring and training of all officers. We help make sure that they’re not only familiar with industry trends and best practices, but that they’re also the perfect fit for the specific ins and outs of the environment that you’re trying to protect.

Mobile Patrol Benefits

Safety is the highest priorities and our Armed and Unarmed Security Guards can prevent situations by following the given procedures and guidelines to ensure their own safety and the safety of others.

All of our security guards complete several hours of training before we send them out on any contract.  We also provide on the job training.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

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