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Gated Community & Apartment Complex

Your home should be the place that you feel the most safe, right? A lot of homeowners would agree with this statement, and that’s why gated communities are often appealing. The added feature of a gate gives many residents peace of mind in knowing that there is a physical barrier between them and criminals. And, it is true. Having a gate does deter some criminals from committing crimes, but there are two very different types of gated communities. Read on to find out more, and how you can best protect yourself with gated community security.


Gates with No Guards

A lot of communities have a gated entrance that is purely decorative. Rather, there will be an attractive looking gate at the entrance of the community, but it’s just for show. This mostly is for homeowners to feel proud of where they live and make an impression on guests. While attractive, decorative gates offer zero gated community security and could actually be alluring to criminals. A decoration like this indicates that the homes are nice and may be filled with valuable items.

Another type of gated community with no guards is a keypad gate. With these, you and your guests will have a special code in order to enter the property. While this is definitely a step up from decorative gates, it’s probably pretty easy to find out the code if you really wanted it. Simply watching someone enter in their code, or even sneaking in behind a car that is entering are easy things that a criminal can do if they really want to get into the community. So, how can gated community security be improved?


Gates with Guards

The gold standard of gated communities is having a gate with a guard station next to it. Staffing a real, live human being at a gated entrance is a very good way to prevent criminals from entering a gated community. What’s even better than having a guard positioned by a gate? Having a guard who is well trained and knows the right questions to ask! Guards at Security Guards Worcester are trained to staff gated communities to ensure safety. Some questions that guards who are working in gated communities should ask include, “who are you going to see?”, “what is your name?”, and “can you provide a photo id?” Instead of just waving in anyone who comes, having a protocol for recording visitors is really important to keep your community safe. 

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