Cannabis Security Guards

Uniquely tailored security solutions designed for the specifications of the compliance-centric cannabis industry.

Dispensary Security

Full service dispensary security to satisfy compliance requirements and create a safe and secure environment for your team, customers, and business. When it comes to the unique nature of dispensary operations, you need every edge you can get, which is why our customer service-centric security guards not only safeguard your business, but contribute directly to your brand with a friendly face to check ID’s.

Why JS Protective Services?


Control a situation before it gets out of hand with basic protocol.

Arrest Control

Detain an individual in the event that something unfolds.

Customer Service

Provide a friendly and welcoming team member to work as part of your dispensary brand.

Security Guard Benefits

Physical security services to cover every vulnerability surrounding your business. Whether you require guard patrols or a fortress-style setup, we can provide A-Z structural reinforcement and monitoring services to put your business on lock down.

We provide best-in-class security guards who are also trained to represent your brand.

Create a presence that deters criminals in the first place with ongoing patrol.

Everything from locks and safes to bullet and blast proof doors and windows.  We can provide a security protocol for your business.

Security Badge